Nico Röttges
Matthias Bullmann
Robin Spiess
Maximilian Brandl
Manuel Reger
Tim Danner
Domenic Rauwolf
Julian Siegert-Bomhard
Paul Teusch
Norwin Staps
David Anderson
Juan Diego Holman
Felix Stüber
Matthias Vogl
Benedikt Bugl
Philipp Radcke

Tomáš Ondra
Jan Tomek
Carlos Holman
Elias von Garssen


Our team went through an undefeated 2020 season becoming the Bayern champions.

Due to many regulations an off-season was limited with possibilities to practice at all. Our season preparation started a bit later and the whole season had to be postponed with less games as usual. That did not stop us from reaching our goal – winning a Bayern championship which is sending us to a German championship, taking place in Paderborn.

We have created a training plan that allows us to cooperate with local academy program. Some players got the chance to improve on a higher level and also some players can represent the club in the U15 category.

In the last month we are finishing our preparations for the championship and coming to Paderborn in the best shape possible to compete for the title of German champions. All 8 teams are equally good and I believe we have a decent tournament coming! Our goal is to represent Regensburg in the best way possible. Play our best to make it to the semifinals where the best teams will be playing. Then anything can happen.