Nr    Name

59 Joshua Azcuy Koshorke
42 Elon Baer
26 Hunter Degeyter
52 Anthony Garland
24 Noah Gongoll
53 Keanu Kohlemann
7 Kenny Norgren
27 Kyran Norgren
14 Johann O'Brien
49 Timothy Pedussal
40 David Prieto-Wiltzius
83 Levi Schlehofer
15 Zevbijan Starrett
18 Stoddard Ethan Stoddard
29 George Simon Takis

Gregg Norgren
Cameron Scott
Angel Larriuz
Maikel Azcuy Perez

Team Betreuer
Christine Ascher


The Sport-Club John-F.-Kennedy Schule Berlin e.V., founded in 1997, is an organization run entirely with the aim to organize sports opportunities for the students of the John-F.-Kennedy School in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Our members are primarily students of the John-F.-Kennedy School, but we also welcome children from other international schools in Berlin as well as German speaking children from Berlin and the surrounding area.

The Rams baseball division was founded in 2010. Rams baseball is a pure youth program and only has U12  and U15  baseball players and teams, we do not have an U18 baseball program or Adult baseball program. Once players reach the age 15 we actively work with them to find a Baseball Vereen that best suits their needs.